Greetings Prisoners!

We have decided to do a reset on all staff applications! This means that for those of you who have made an application for staff in the past and are still interested will need to re-apply!

If you have yet to apply for staff but are interested in doing so you may find the application form here on the forums!

Best of luck to you all and may the odds be ever in your favor!
Greeting Prisoners!

So it doesn't feel like it but apparently, I have already been here for a year! Wow time fly's :) I just wanted to say thank you all for giving me this opportunity, Cosmic truly is the best and you are all amazing <3

I have seen this community and server grow so much over the past year and it is insane to see how much has happened in such a small amount of time.

I cannot wait to see what happens in the years to come.

Story Time with Slayer (Not as good as story time with @ypperin but still good I hope)
Many of you may or may not know but I have been staffing on Cosmic now for just under 2 years! I started as a randy hurlpur on PvP back in May of 2016 and have been a Cosmic player since Feb 2015!

Did you know there are 2 commands to spawn in a meteor? Well, when I first started on here and I wanted to give Sovereign a meteor. So I scrolled down this document us admins have with all the commands and I saw /meteor and I was like "oh there we go" not knowing that it would spawn it right in front of me and well while I did give Sovereign a meteor it was right in the middle of spawn...

Things you may or may not know:
I couldn't do what I do without the amazing staff team, they work their butts off day in day out they truly are the best.
On average I work anything from 12 - 22 hours a day because I love what I do.
Before I became staff I actually played for a little bit on the server! I was here for day 1 of alpha and when the server came out of beta actually grinded up to level 53!
95% of updates actually come from the community in 1 form or another!
Celestial was originally called Alien! (The name was changed before release)
Greetings Prisoners

Another week another update! Here's what you have to look forward to upon your planets reboot today.
  • /adangle
  • New /option
  • GUI for /option
  • [brag]
  • QOL and Bug Fixes
  • 20% Off Sale
Ever wanted to dangle your armour off but having to do it one piece at a time? Worry no more! You can now do /adangle to show off your equipped armour!​
New /option
We all know how annoying it can be when someone constantly dangles items in front of you. With this new /option you can toggle the visibility of /dangle!

GUI for /option
We've been adding so many options recently, we thought it was only necessary to bring them all together in the form a GUI. You can access this menu by running the command /option and toggle each and every option.​

Typing [brag] in chat displays to the entire server the full contents of your inventory, including the armour your wearing. What a great way to “brag” and show off your OP loot or perhaps some nice loot you got from a kill. [brag] is available to rank 2+ players!​
QOL and Bug Fixes
  • An issue with kills being credited incorrectly has been mitigated
  • An issue causing gkit blocks being unmineable has been fixed
Of course, we couldn't bring out an update without a sale! Players can enjoy 20% Off on all packages on the server store all weekend long!
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

This weeks post is the 21st installment of the Cosmic Community Column, boy does time fly fast! It's been great to see so many people sending in their suggestions for the community post and I love you guys and gals getting involved!


Godly Guard Luck!

@Michaelhockey from the Valron Planet got his hands on the luckiest Cosmic Crate contents ive ever seen! He manages to open an Ultimate Guard from a contraband and then opens a Godly Guard from some godly shards. TALK ABOUT LUCK! Michael buy a lottery ticket, buy it now! Check out the video below for his hilarious reaction.



@Ryan_PlayzYT manages to clutch up right as a diamond guy tries to drive by him for his Permanent Enchanter Gkit. Casually mining his enchanter flares, then all of a sudden a vicious attacker comes out of nowhere trying to swoop some loot! Check out his clutch play below!


The Highest Level Pickaxe Ever ?!?!

@Mackelworth claims to be the owner of the highest level pickaxe ever on Cosmic Prisons. A whopping level 124 pickaxe that would take over 100 Million Energy to create. Keep in mind its also prestige 5 and max enchants!



2 Billion Dollar Cell Raid!

@Its_Target from the Sovereign Planet brings us some great...
Greetings Prisoners

Things have been busy here on Prisons and this week isn't any different! Here's a list of what you have to look forward to upon your planets reboot today:
  • PV Rework
  • Randomization Scrolls
  • /g focus
  • /ltop changes
  • Bugs and QOL
  • 20% Off Sale
PV Rework
You will now be able to customise the name and icon of each of your personal vaults! Simply run the usual command /pv and you will then have the following options!
Right-Click: Change the icon of the PV
Middle-Click: Change the name of the PV
Left-Click: Enter the PV
Randomization Scrolls
When placed on an enchant it will completely randomize the success and failure rates of the enchant. Each tier of enchant has a respective Randomization Scroll. Simple Randomization Scroll will work only on simple enchants and so on except Godly Randomization Scrolls which will work on all tiers of enchantments! Randomization scrolls can be acquired through Shards!​
Simply place the scroll on the corresponding enchant you wish to randomize!​

/g focus
/g focus allows players in your Gang to display the selected player with special characters around his IGN and a highlighted name. This is a great tool for gangs wanting to focus an enemy in group battles!​
Simply use /g focus IGN to select your target! This command can be used by any member of your gang!​

/ltop changes
/ltop will now be organised by the time in which a player hits a specific level! For example, if Player 1 hit level 105 on Monday and Player 2 hit level 105 on Tuesday. Player 1 would be ranked number 1 on /ltop. However, if you extract xp from 105...​
Greetings Prisoners!

Its been a busy week here on Prisons and I can’t wait to get into what we have in store for you all this week!
  • Celestial Map 3
  • March /cc
  • Absorbers
  • Bug Fixes
  • 40% Off Sale
Celestial Map 3
Map 3 is almost here! In case you missed it here is a link to all the info you could possibly need for Map 3 of Celestial!​
March /cc
This months instalment of the Cosmic Crate sure some has some OP Goodies in it. Here's what's within the March /cc​
This Cosmic Crate takes things to a whole new level! Stacked with only the best of the best loot you are guaranteed the following: A Custom Title, 5-10x Absorbers, 1-3x Whitescrolls, 1-3x High-Tier Contrabands, 1-4x Random Fractured Gkit Flares, 1-3x Random Gkit Flares, 1-5x 5% Charge Orbs, 45-75x High-Tier Shards Plus you will also receive one of the following Bonus Items: 3-5x Godly Contrabands, 1,000,000-3,000,000 Cosmic Energy, High-Tier Rank

Absorbers are a new addition to Prisons and are nice little addition to the Shards loot table! Absorbers will remove Cosmic Energy from an item without the cost of the fee you would usually pay when /extracting! Note: Absorbers cannot be placed!​
Bug Fixes
  • When you log while in the middle of jetting you will be placed on the ground directly below where you were when you logged
Of course, we couldn’t just bring out an awesome /cc and reset without a sale! Players can enjoy 40% off all...
Greetings Prisoners of Celestial Planet!

With Celestial Planet's reset fast approaching I figured I would post the details for you all today!

What you will keep
What you will lose
Video Montage
Contrabands & Shards
Final Day of Carnage
Reset Time
What will be kept after reset:
Ranks (Yes even those won from crates & CC’s)
Home & PV Expansions

What will be lost after reset:

Cash balance
Inventory & Private Vaults
Mining Levels
/qkit level
Video Montage Competition
Don't forget we have a competition running for you players on Celestial with an awesome prize of a custom /title! Below are the details you need to know in case you want to enter!
We all have some great memories from Map 2 of Celestial and we figured what better way to show than through some great montages! Starting now and ending at first boot of the new planet you have the opportunity to compete to win yourself a custom title of your choosing to keep forever on Celestial yes that includes resets, keep in mind the title will be required to follow the rules of the server!

You can submit your montage on this thread here and it can also be found pinned under general.

Note the video...
Greetings Prisoners!

Do you have what it takes to raid the Admins? Prove your gang has what it takes and score yourselves some loot for the new planet as well as some OP items to end off the season with! Inside the cell, you will find a 5 levelled cell. Each level getting harder and harder as you unlock the next. These cells contain guards armed with Kit Reset and of course with this being an Admin Cell the number of guards/doors per room is not limited! #Abuse

Level 1: Simple
Level 2: Uncommon
Level 3: Elite
Level 4: Ultimate
Level 5: Legendary & Godly

Each level will have various collectable rewards for the end, just like a typical raid you will collect items once the final guard has been defeated. You will then be granted access to open reward chests and break items like generators and crude ore as well as access to the next tier of the cell!

Now I’m sure you’re all wondering why we’re giving all these sweet rewards at the end of the map, well, there is a method to our madness! To the gang who successfully raids the Godly level cell, you will receive a few of our chosen bonus items at the beginning of Map #3 Celestial. To receive the items for the new planet you must submit an unedited video showing your gang kill the final guard on the Godly Level and do /g who on the player that did the finishing blow to the guard to @XsSlayeR3 through private message! The owner of that gang will receive the items after the planet has reset. Here is the loot that you and your gang will find on reset:

100,000 Energy
White Scroll
Godly Dust x3

Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Welcome the 20th edition of the Cosmic Community Column. After last weeks Bow-Boozle how can this weeks post even compare! Pvp, Raiding, Godset Kills and learning the secrets to energy is how. Without further ado let's get right into this weeks action packed post!


Legendary Guard Massacre!

TheInfamousKiwi from the Celestial planet brings us a very well edited version of him and his gangs raid on a Tier 1 Cell. They sure made this look easy as they made quick work of the legendary chumps guarding this poor guys cell. Check out his video below to see some great edited time lapse footage and what OP item they found in one of the chests!


200 IQ Godset Kill

Its_Target from the Sovereign Planet comes to us this week with a really well organised godset kill. With some great communication from his teammates in cells and some iron set baiting they managed to lure his poor victim to his death! When your hit by a cell guard lower than the tier of armour your wearing you take damage that passes thru your armour. So they baited him into taking heavy damage and swooped in to finish the job.

I applaud you guys for thinking this plan thru and showcasing how strategy is so important!

Be sure to check the kill below which begins 7 minutes into the video.


The Secret to Gaining Extra Energy!?!?

Is it true? Is it all a lie? Is it all fake news? GaaraOfBenton10 has been doing some investigation work into the fastest way to mine and gain energy. His...
Greetings Prisoners!

It's been a busy time here on Prisons and things aren't about to slow down! You have been asking for it and it is finally here Celestial’s reset!

Now we couldn’t just say goodbye to map 2 without giving it a proper Prisons send off! To do this we have a bunch of awesome stuff lined up for you guys over the next few days starting Tuesday 27th February!​

Admin Events
Reset Kits
Video montage competition
/gtop & /ltop
and who knows what else the Owners and Admins will come up with ;)

Admin Events
Admin Events will happen throughout the week, from parkours to cat n mouse to meteors and whatever else we may come up with!​

Reset Kits
Reset kits are there to spice things up in the final few days of Celestial! Available to all players every 5 minutes you will be able to get yourself a set of OP gear (tiered to your level so that you are capable of wearing it of course) getting more OP every single day leading up to the reset! You will be able to access this gear through /resetkit starting from Tuesday!​

Video Montage Competition
We all have some great memories from Map 2 of Celestial and we figured what better way to show this than through some great montages! Starting now and ending at first boot of the new planet you have the opportunity to compete to win yourself a custom title of your choosing to keep forever on Celestial yes that includes resets, keep in mind the title will be required to follow the rules of the server!​

You can submit your montage on this thread here and it can also be found pinned under general.​