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Moderator Alpha Tester II Sahara V Vulcan Emperor Divergent

Feel free to pm me in game or on the forums if you have any questions. Jun 28, 2017

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    1. StorminThormin
      Hey, is it okay if I request locks so long as I have a valid reason for the lock?
      1. CraftStarOr123
        If its someone's post then only tag if there is a reason to lock. If you are the owner of the thread, then you don't need a reason to lock it.
        Jun 8, 2018
      2. StorminThormin
        Ok thanks for telling me the rules for locking are on the forums rules right?
        Jun 8, 2018
    2. Plqtinum_
      Ty so much for your help in my support ticket. :) <33
      1. ilovetodestroy and Purp1e_ like this.
    3. Trippet
      I dont know if its ok to post it here but you can probs delete it if its not so I've got a big issue and would probably need a admin to get in contact with for it could you help me with that? its about my tickets that are up for days allready
      1. Purp1e_
        @Trippet They will get to your ticket soon. You just have to be patient.
        May 24, 2018
    4. EmeraldGamerFTW
      why is cosmic down ilovetodestroy
      1. Vapidity
        try with this ip:
        Apr 17, 2018
    5. HeavensReject
      This being my personal experience as I have been suicided over 20 times while in the lapis mine, the issue is that all of the lapis patches that are there for us to mine are all beside massive cliff ledges and even high tier armor can't save you from the fall damage of over 30 blocks high. Or as another person mentioned add a armor defense buff when near guards.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Purp1e_
        Okay first you have to be safe when your mining. There isn’t only ledge patches of lapis. There is a whole lapis mine. Second you are getting suicded probably because you aren’t near a gaurd. Third Sov is resetting soon. The estimated date is around 220-227 days of Sov being alive. I wish you good luck if you’re playing on Sov reset, and have a nice day.
        Apr 8, 2018
      3. Herobrine64
        Suing is part of the game- when i was mining meteorites, and guy hit me off of lapis mine and I took no damage. He was hoping for a good iron set, I guess. It’s part of the game. If you don’t like it, mine at prismarine mine.
        Apr 9, 2018
      4. TwoHeartzz
        You can use springs, overload, and fortify to avoid dying to a sui. Having all of these enchants makes it hard to die while mining.(Edit: Fixed Overload from being overlord.)
        Apr 9, 2018
        Herobrine64 likes this.
    6. HeavensReject
      I have two requests/questions for you if you don't mind me asking. The first is in relation to the Sui'ing situation, I believe that it shouldn't be allowed in the lapis/iron mine as most of the players mining there don't have high tier armor or the funds to re buy their stuff after being suicided.
      1. Purp1e_
        Apr 8, 2018
    7. Birdboy_
      Dear ilovetodestroy is there a way to get my gkits back since they were all naturals? getting an admin to give the flares to me.
      1. Herobrine64
        In-game items are non-refundable. If they are a perm gkit that you have claimed, then they will stay over resets.
        Apr 9, 2018
    8. CmonTeris
      Hi I have a question why I got banned for no reason i was pvping and from nowhere i got banned by SHIVA
    9. matte308
      How can I get unbanned? (I already made an appeal)
      1. CrystalFar
        Nothing else can be done besides appealing. You are allowed to come back on an alt
        Mar 11, 2018
    10. matte308
    11. matte308
      I got unfairly banned
    12. Gman4332
      so its been like 8 weeks since I put in applied and I cant do another one and I got falsely baned
    13. zmanthedestroyer
      i got chargedback by someone can i be unbanned
      1. Purp1e_
        You most pay back the charge back if you want to be unbanned. Also this isn't the place to talk about charge backs.
        Mar 9, 2018
    14. WestSword11
      Re look at at lavagivesls ban it was a statement not a threat and tell slayer cuz he banned him but re look
      1. CrystalFar
        Mar 7, 2018
      2. Purp1e_
        Also don't spam Staffs Profiles.
        Mar 7, 2018
    15. CiakNack
      i had a faulty mouse and banned me for unfair advantage. Can you sban me pls?? Now i have a new mouse
      1. mattyboy84
        Shiva doesn’t ban people for having a faulty mouse. Make a Shiva ban appeal. In the appeal don’t mention your new or faulty mouse.
        Feb 19, 2018
    16. __vjeetn__
      dude i cant connect to prisons for some reason can you help me?
      1. MrPortalface
        i cant either
        Feb 16, 2018
      2. NinjaPotato172
        Feb 16, 2018
    17. Pqnders
    18. EnJay_N
      Hi can you look at my ban appeal i am sorry i put 3 appeals out i thought i put them in thw wrong area
    19. Shugg
    20. iHAXuBRO
      Well it has been 3 days and no one has look at my ban appeal
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