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Dec 4, 2016
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Moderator, Male

Moderator Sahara IV Ash

Shake and Bake - Ricky Bobby Aug 11, 2017

MobTheGreat was last seen:
Dec 17, 2017 at 1:45 PM
    1. iHAXuBRO
      I havn't got a clue what I did and not a single admin has been on in the past few days pls i beg
    2. iHAXuBRO
      Can you pls just msg a staff for me its been 3 days i want to go back to grinding i didn't do anything
    3. AlvinPolys
    4. ZagonHCF_
      HI im ZagonHCF_ and I think u banned me at like 1 AM for Blacklisted Mod/Client

      I simply turned my destroy key to space, and left it on all night. when I woke up, I was banned. I now know that afk mining is bannable, thx to some of the members online right now, but at the time, I thought I was doing nothing wrong. I am deeply sorry, and I would like to appeal.

      1. ZagonHCF_
      2. Pokemob15
        I can tell you immiediatly, your appeal, if you have submitted one, will fail. You admitted to using them and a rational player would have checked if modifying gameplay was allowed on the server. And first offense is a perm ban. Enjoy this learning experience, you cannot avoid the consequences. If you stesl in real life but was never taught that, you still get punished. Have a good day!
        Nov 22, 2017
    5. cubebox51
      Hi, I'm cubebox51. Im pretty sure you banned me about 10 mins ago for

      Blacklisted Mod/Client

      I Don't have a blacklisted mod or client i'm pretty sure.(I have optifine)
      I was using the 'F11' trick which locks your keys if your holding them while you press 'F11'
      Where can I appeal at?

      Thanks :P

      1. awsomemidkip
        That is considered using a macro which is bannable
        Nov 11, 2017
      2. cubebox51
        Oh i didn't Know srry :/ where are the list of the rules and is there any way i can get unbanned?
        Nov 11, 2017
    6. ItsNiko_
      1. mattyboy84
        Oct 15, 2017
    7. IAmInLogang
      Hi MobTheGreat Do u know about when will i get a msg from the cosmic after i have done a appeal
      1. CraftStarOr123
        When admins will look at it :) patience
        Oct 5, 2017
        IAmInLogang likes this.
      2. IAmInLogang
        Thx CraftStarOr123 at least now I know. :)
        Oct 6, 2017
    8. Lightning_Matt
      i bought a rank (tier 2) but i haven't got it yet can you help?
      1. CraftStarOr123
        Make a support ticket :)
        Sep 26, 2017
    9. BossMan__FTW
      What does it mean
      1. SamFTW0128
        Stop spamming
        Sep 25, 2017
      2. mattyboy84
        Sep 26, 2017
    10. BossMan__FTW
      Please search player reports and include a link to the player report affiliated to this situation.
      1. CraftStarOr123
        It means to go and look over the accepted player reports and see if your report is there. Then link it to the appeal. If it is not there it means you either got banned by staff OR by the anti cheat.
        Sep 26, 2017
    11. BossMan__FTW
      Please search player reports and include a link to the player report affiliated to this situation. What does that mean?
    12. BossMan__FTW
      Ok im sorry i was pretty heated at myself and needed to get mad at something
    13. mathi09
      A friend of mine called "vegstar" wanted to play on this sercer, but couldn't because his brother had hacked on this server. Hewas not a part of this, and that is kind of sad for him. Can u please remove ban?!
    14. BossMan__FTW
      1. TheJoelmiester
        Abusing a glitch is against the rules.
        Sep 24, 2017
      2. MobTheGreat
      3. MobTheGreat
        @BossMan__FTW You can make a unban appeal, in the unban appeal section
        Sep 24, 2017
    15. BossMan__FTW
      Please explain to me y i was banned
    16. BossMan__FTW
      Staff i was false banned ign BossMan__FTW
    17. DIAMOND2K5
      1. View previous comments...
      2. DIAMOND2K5
        Sep 23, 2017
      3. DIAMOND2K5
        are u on cosmic prisons
        Sep 23, 2017
      4. MobTheGreat
        Sep 23, 2017
    18. DIAMOND2K5
    19. DIAMOND2K5
      i have a question
    20. TickTockTNT
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    Well, to start off, My name is Mob and I have been playing cosmic as a whole off on and on with my brother for about a year and a half now. Throughout the passed 5 years of me playing Minecraft off and on, I have learned and done a lot of things. For at least the past two years, I have been a free lancer for Arma 2 servers, I would help newer communities get up and running. I did best with setting up Teamspeak Permissions and helping getting the Dedi box configured for Music bots, the actual teamspeak, and the Arma server itself. Since doing this I have helped 15-20 communities get off the ground. I was staff on a few Arma servers for about a year, and learned a lot of Technically support because many servers required me to be able to be on call at any point in time and to be able to withstand players asking me the same questions over and over. I have experience in HTML 5 and CSS. By next year I will be taking classes for JavaScript and Animation. I have a Certificate in Microsoft Word 2013 and Microsoft Excel 2013, currently I am working on my Certification in Microsoft Access 2013. I am able to create documents for all kinds of information with ease. I am happy to be staff on Cosmic Prisons, I am glad my experiences of the past few years has prepared me to handle players and handle it in a way that does not cause problems. One of the most important things about me is I absolutely love working out, If am not playing video games I'm either Sleeping or workout out. I am a Junior in High School, grade 11. I currently compete against other people in my region and preform fairly well. At the moment I work out twice a day, and then go to football practice. During this 3 month training I am in, it will cause a ton of stress on me and really test my ability to do things. I am glad to have the personality to love challenges and eager to overcome obstacles. I am 17 years old. I am also 6 foot 3 inches. In American Football, I play Tight End and Defensive End. I am the youngest child in my family of 6. Everyone in my family has graduated Highschool and some even college. I am an aspiring Airplane Mechanic. I would love to go to the college in Oklahoma called Spartan College. Think this pretty much tells everything about me, any questions just hit me up in game, only if its not too personal ofc. Have a nice day guys, looking forward to see you all in game.


    When someone asks you what feed does.