Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

After last week's huge update, we had to give the dev a bit of a breather. To be fair, I'd hardly call this one a breather. This is more so an update of changes to a lot of our recent additions, here we go!

Crude Stacks
Raid Changes
Cell Stores & Access
New Enchantments
Raw Energy in Shards
Patrol Guards
20% Off Sale!

Crude Stacks

To being that cosmic brand back into play and spice things up, we've added new dimensions to crude ores that make them that much more valuable and worth it.

From now on your crude ores will begin to make fat stacks. I mean that literally and figuratively. The longer you afk your crude ore, the more the last generation will respawn.

that being said, generation times are the same as previously, but this means that you can now afk your crude ore overnight and come back to hundreds of ore to mine up.

Also, to come with this addition; crude ores CAN give off more energy and a higher shard chance!.

Raid Changes & Cell Stuff
We all knew it was coming, after Rob being unable to keep the spoilers to a minimum, you all knew we'd be looking at how to make raiding a bit more balanced. There's a lot of changes to mention, so here goes nothing!

The most important and noticeable addition is the guard health damage and their stacking.
Guards are now complete tanks, the idea is that raids take forever, but they are possible. They won't hurt as much, but it's a very long process to carry out a raid.

To accompany this guards no longer sit inside of each other. They've learnt some new skills in prison school, so they will sit in their own seats.

You can no longer stack/place too many guards in one area.
Simple = 3x3,
Uncommon = 5x5,
Elite = 7x7,

It's going to be one to remember.

Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

I can't begin to express how excited I am to announce this weekend's update to you all. After testing and testing, all I want to do is spill the tea!

Energy Extraction
The Enchant Rush, New Enchantments.
Scoreboard Additions.
Mining Levels after 100.
Ore Spawn Rate.

Energy Extraction
As It was highly discussed throughout the community, we had to think about how to allow enchants with armour and tools. This is going to be a huge game changer.

Use the command /extract [Number], this will drain an amount of energy from your pickaxe and turn it into Raw Energy, in the form of an enchanted light blue dye.


Raw Energy can be applied (drag and drop) to all swords, armour and pickaxes to allow the gear to be enchantable. When applied, make your way to the cosmic wormhole. If your gear is surging with cosmic energy, throw it at the wormhole for a chance at receiving one of the various enchantments.

Note: If you have a charge orb on and you extract, you will lose a level from the charge orb.

The Enchant Rush, New Enchantments.
With the introduction of Energy Extraction, we’re delivered with a new means of enchantments. A necessity gets suited up, you mustn't leave a gang member behind. Soon inmates will be swarming the cells with only the most robust and extraordinary gear.

Now similar to pickaxes, you will have a base level of armour and swords. This meaning that depending on your mining level, you will be allowed to wield certain equipment. For example, only players with mining level 90 will be able to use any sort of diamond equipment. This also means that those levels give an advantage depending on how high they are.

Pickaxe levels- Will boost...
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Isn't this...weird. An update midweek, what is this madness? Well, it's nothing too dramatic, but I couldn't leave you all hanging. Here goes,

Doors Added to the Carpenter.
Raid Time Extensions.
Cell Eviction.
Enchat Failure Removal.

Doors added to the Carpenter.

After all of the many requests, we have added doors to purchase at the Carpenter. Doors are much tougher to break, making Initiating a raid to take much longer the better door you have. Be aware, though, doors are expensive.

Raid Time Extensions.
Previously raids had an hour wait time on them once you completed one. We've slightly adjusted the numbers so your cooldown is dependent on donor rank.

Tier 5: 30 Minutes
Tier 4: 45 Minutes
Tier 3: 1 Hour
Tier 2: 1.25 Hours
Tier 1: 1.5 Hours
Non-Donor: 2 Hours

Tired of those pesky villains, taking your lunch money and knocking you around all the time?

With the new stages of Criminal Record, if you are 'Kill on sight' anyone is able to kill you without guards bothering them. Although, you probably won't get a hit in before a guard kills them first.


Cell Eviction.
Being evicted from cells has been in discussion for a while now and we've finally come to the conclusion.

If no one who is accessed to your cell (including you) logs onto the server within a 7day period, your cell will be placed for sale to all, unless you log in before it's purchased.

At the moment, the items inside will be lost forever, but we intend on creating a collection bin for this.

Enchant Failure Removal.
Although there are still enchantment failures, it will just tell you that you levelled up....
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

This update is going to be short and sweet. Minor, but at the same time pretty huge. Let's not dwell on it and get started, shall we?

Criminal Record
Crude Ore Block Progression
Overhead Health
Small Fix To Raids

Criminal Record
A lot of you have noticed the removal of karma from your scoreboard. Do not fear my friends, we've changed the system a bit and it's definitely for the better!

What is a criminal record?
The basic concept of the criminal record is that;
Your 'karma' or 'record' will NOT reset on death. If you die to a guard (If you hit someone directly in front of one or cause a guard to follow you any other way), he will not let you off the hook once he kills you. Think of it as if, you just got out of jail and you now are on parole for a little while. Once your guard sees that you're alright to let you, he will stop following you.

What are the stages and how to go back to being a neutral citizen?
To go back to being neutral, you need to ensure that you don't engage in any funny business like killing other players or hitting guards.

2. [​IMG]

3. [​IMG]

4. [​IMG]

This will be the replacement of the 'karma' system that you once saw, but works extremely similar so it's not too much strain on remembering how it works. :p

Crude Ore Block Progression
As I promised we'd make them worth it and here it is for you guys, crude ore.

For those who have a generator and crude ore you will notice the dramatic difference, they will now change block types as the crude ore generates into its final form. Each crude ore had 3 generations until its final 4th form. Bare with me, it's a tough concept to explain.

You ARE able to mine...
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Here we go again, another weekend, another update for you all. Today's update is not the most dramatic, but it's still pretty awesome nonetheless.

Ore Generator and Crude Ore
Cells and Cell Guard changes.
20% Off Sale

Ore Generator and Crude Ores
The Ore generators are an interesting little concept that will tie the idea of factions mob spawners for xp into a prisons theme.

The ore generator is basically a block that allows Crude Ore blocks to generate ores when connected to or surrounding the generator. Crude Ores are the ore that will connect to your generator and spawn as your usual ore blocks. Depending on the time of the generator, depends on how long your crude ore will take to respawn. There's no other simple way for me to explain it, so you'll have to do some personal exploring and take a read of the items descriptions here.

You can find Ore Generators and Crude Ores in shards and you can purchase them from Generators in the /shop.


At the moment, ores are identical to any other. This is definitely something we are looking at buffing. These ore generators and crude ores WILL BE worth the money! So, get them while they're hot!

Cells and Cell Guard changes.
To negate overcrowding and players just purchasing cells for extra guards, we have limited a number of cell guards each cell is allowed to have. It should be as follows;
VIP - 14
Tier 1 - 12
Tier 2 - 10
Tier 3 - 8
Tier 4 - 6
Tier 5 - 4

Those who currently exceed this limit, we will be doing a sweep and placing extra cell guards in a chest in your cell if you are offline when we do this.

Also, after running a community poll; https://www.cosmicprisons.com/forum/index.php?threads/what-say-you-cell-raids.4040/

We decided to compromise and have it so that each individual...
Welcome, Cosmic Prisons!

Most of you will begin to notice a new section to the forums called Support Tickets. These support tickets are a neat little addition and this post this going to give a basic rundown on what they are and how they work.

Support tickets are a new form of communicating bug report, purchase help and general questions to our staff team. Only you and the staff team are able to see these tickets.

These support tickets can be located and opened if you do one of the following:

Clicking "Support Tickets" at the top header bar of the forums.

Clicking "Bug Reports"
Post here if you have any glithes, bugs, exploits or issues.

Clicking "Purchase Help"
Post here for any issues with a purchase you've made.

Clicking "Help! I have a question!"
Ask any questions here that are unrelated to reports, appeals, bugs and purchases.

How to use and post Support Tickets!
Simply select your department from the dropdown selection at the top:

Fill out all of the provided fields and add any final detailed in the box provided at the bottom.
Click "Open" located at the very bottom of the forum.

You can easily reply to your support ticket just like you would an ordinary post and Any new reply also triggers a...
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

It seems the communities response to the concept of cell raids has been mostly positive so far. I'm glad to see most of us are enjoying it. Make sure you thank @melsha for his hard work in the comments!

Now, this post is just here to let you all know that cell raids have been enabled. Make sure to get a team together and try to raid your enemies...or even your bestest friends.

Go crazy guys!
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

As obvious as this may be to me, we have been updating and fixing bugs throughout every update we've posted. I've not exactly gone into detail about the fixes and smaller changes we've made. Thus, here is your change log from mid-November to now.

-Forms for bug reports, ban reports, appeals, purchase help, etc.
-Staff applications.
-Shard loot table change.
-Balance added to scoreboard.
-Chests used to get wiped on reboot, this has been resolved since.
-Cool little death animation and sounds.
-Can deposit bank notes by right-clicking instead of only by using /deposit.
-Massive lag issues resolved.
-16 lobbies added.
-Shoutbox for forums.
-Post ratings for forums.
-Allowed all blocks to be mined (except for emerald).
-Chat message cooldown added.
-Better hologram system.
-Cannot mine through players now, this prevents afk miners to be undetected.
-Second home tab removed from forums.
-/clearinventory for donors.
-hotbar additions in lobbies. server selector, lobby selector, etc.
-Weapon and armour durability made stronger.
-When you were attacked and blocked with a sword, you couldn't hit that player.
-Ores now have individual durability. When you mine one and you are blocked by a player, the block stays at the damage you previously did before you stopped mining.
-Gold and below Pickaxes are purchasable in the shop.
-Pickaxes no longer have durability damage.
-You mine with your fist up until mining level 10.
-NPCs are now viewable to 1.8.8 and below.
-You can play on the server in any version of minecraft from 1.8 to 1.10.2.
-Any/all shards can be received from any mine. Depending on which tier the mine, depends on the % chance on receiving certain shards.
-The parkour from the back of the map & the ufo parkour has been removed.
-/ah is now working as previously intended, however, a revamp is still to come.
-New word filter added.
-Money deflated
-/hub command added.
-/join [planet]
-/Spawn countdown and...
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

All this talk of cells, what is to come in this update you may ask. We knew something for cells would come, but what is it, Emma?! Well, I'm here to give you guys all of the juicy details!

Cell Guards & Regular Guards
Cell Raiding
The Carpenter
20% Off Sale

Cell Guards & Regular Guards
With the addition of cell raids, you're going to need your own personal protection system. We are now introducing Guards for your cells. These will currently only be obtainable through shards and chances are 2x rarer than it is to find yourself a charge orb.

Cell guards have the same tier system as enchants and shards; simple, uncommon, elite, ultimate, legendary and godly. Check em out!

You are able to place as many as you like in your cell and pick them up at any time by right-clicking on their bodies.

As for our usual friendly guards, their eyesight has been slightly adjusted. They now find it a little tougher to see as far during the night. They are no night owls that's for sure. We've also made sure that they will only instantly kill you if they SEE you in front of their face.

Cell Raiding
You asked for it, we came through. Cells can now be raided, but not in the sense that any of you are accustomed to. That's right this is a whole new ball game.

To raid a cell, you need to defeat any and all cell guards in that cell. We are stripping the doors from cells, but they are not open to all. If you aren't in the player's gang or accessed(/cell access [ign]) to their cell, if you step into a cell and break or hit the guard, you will be targetted and killed by whatever guards are there until you leave the cell.

If you choose to fight back and kill all guards, you and anyone who helped will be granted permission to break and take anything inside the cell. Once you leave, the raid is over and you will need to kill the guards...
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

I hope we've all arrived safely to the new year with no troubles. I personally had a lovely night of singing along to old songs (mostly some old school Avril Lavigne and Bruno Mars) and remembering memories of 2016. Let me know down below what you did for New Year's Eve and comment some memories you'd like to say goodbye to.

Now for the actual update here, I mentioned that with the new year, we would be resetting staff applications. Thus, that's exactly what we did.

All applications have been placed under denied and anyone who had an application up is now able to post a new form.

Thank you to everyone who applied, don't take this deny as discouragement because you all have an equal chance no matter what.

Good luck and have fun to those who decide to apply again.