Greetings Prisoners!

Do we have an exciting update for you! The staff team have been working overtime to get this out to you all and I can’t wait to show you what is in store for this weekend! So let's get right into it!

  • Overhead & Tab
  • Item Nametags
  • /option killsee
  • July CC
  • D-Cells for Valron
  • 25% Off Sale

Overhead & Tab
This has been a long-awaited update. After today’s reboots, you will be able to see a player's rank, their IGN and their gang! The color of their gang will also be your relation to them! For example if you are truced they will show up yellow, if you are enemies they will show up red. This will show above their player head and in the tab list!​

Item Nametags
We all love making godgear and showing it off to the world, but it was missing just that last little bit to make it yours right? Well today’s the day your dreams come true! You can now customise your gear to make it yours with item nametags!​


/option killsee
You may remember our recent change in the way kill messages were seen and a lot of you asked that we restore kill messages to its former glory, while others liked the way it was. Now you can toggle the type of kill messages you will see in your chat through /killsee!​

/option killsee all - See all kill messages

/option killsee gang - See all gang kill messages

/option killsee truces - See all Truce and gang kill messages

/option killsee off - Only see Custom kill messages

July CC
What is this?!?! July CC on the 30th June how could we!! Since tomorrow is July 1st we didn’t want to make you wait another week to get your hands on this awesome piece of loot! So we give you the July 2017...​
Welcome Cosmic Prisoners!

On this weeks CCC, we're looking forward to showing off some of our finest community Prisons memes, facepalm moments and some of the players personal submissions! I'm not sure about you all, but I'm excited to get into it!

All of the face palm!

Twitter facepalm moments!

To find light out of the communities most shameful moments on the server, we asked them what some of their best #FacePalm moments were on our twitter and some of these definitely made me shake my head with a small chuckle.
[​IMG] [​IMG]


Got Salt?

P2W Gkits!
The sun is shining and the salt is rising, with our recent updates and release of the Zenith gkit, players have yet again cried about #P2W and shown off their immense salt in some rant threats. We couldn't post an update without the controversy, it's to be expected by now!

With complaints of "Flares are rigged!" and "New gkit system is P2W!" I thought this addition made the gkits less p2w, but these guys are complaining just the opposite!


Bring On the...
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the D cell block is finally here! You guys have been watching through the peaky hole in the glass begging for it, waiting so *impatiently* to buy up those cells as soon as humanly possible. This thread is a warning, to let as many players as possible know about it’s release before it actually happens.

On Friday (30th of June) at a time between 10am-12pm CST, the cell block D for tier 5 will be added. Be aware, this can take a while and it’s possible the server will have downtime that can last up to an hour, if not more.​
Greetings Prisoners!

Just like any week, I am super hyped to get into this week’s update for you guys and gals and as always we have had our residential genius @melsha coding his fingers off to get this out to you guys on time!

  • Ore Generator Stacking
  • /CC
  • GKit Zenith - Fractured Meteors
  • Bug Fixes & QOL Updates

Ore Generator Stacking
You asked for it and now you have it! Starting today you will be able to stack your generators to increase the speed at which that ore generates and conserve space at the same time! To stack your ore generator simply face the one you are wanting to add on to then crouch and right click with your gens in your hand. Now obviously you will not be able to stack them 1 - 1 as that would be way too op, for the first few gens you stack each one will give you +0.25 gen after that each one will give +0.2 and then +0.15 and so on.​

You can now keep track of all your beautiful CC’s you have acquired over your time on Prisons through /cc! Note: From now on when you purchase a Cosmic Crate you will need to /claim it then /cc to claim your CC!​

Gkit Zenith
Starting with GKit Zenith when you purchase a GKit from the server store you will have a chance of receiving full access to that GKit through /gkit if you do not receive full access you will however still receive a set of that GKit’s gear!
Note: The Vulkarion GKit on the store has also been changed to this system as well!​

Bug Fixes & QOL Updates
Welcome Cosmic Prisoners!

After a long 24hours, the winner of the cell tours has been decided by you guys. I'd like to congratulate @UnitedMcPrisons on his win and he will be contacted to receive his rewards.

Now I must mention I do understand that he is well known in the community because of his youtube status and this may have the community and because of this the runners up will be receiving:
2nd place: Ultimate Contraband.
3rd place: Uncommon Contraband.

I just want to thank everyone who participated and can't wait to see something like this in the future again. Make sure to make any suggestions by messaging @Community Update Submitter!
Greetings Prisoners,

Boy has it been an exciting time lately and it isn’t about to slow down yet! The staff team has been working insanely hard along with the one and only @melsha to get this week’s amazing update out for you all! So let’s get right into things, shall we!

  • Custom Kill Messages
  • XP Bottles
  • Wormhole
  • /gtop & /ltop
  • White scrolls
  • QOL & Bug Fixes

Custom Kill Messages
Custom kill messages give you the ability to rub that extra bit of salt into your enemies wound as you hit them with that final blow. They will replace the default “ypperin was slain by XsSlayeR3 with their Diamond Sword” into something more soul destroying like “ypperin was handed the L by XsSlayeR3 with their Diamond Sword”.

Obtainable through Contrabands there are 6 different messages you can collect to attach a Custom Kill Message simple attach the message to a sword! Any future kills from that sword will contain that message.

Note: We have made a few last miniute changes: You will now only see your own deaths and kills appear in chat unless they are custom kill messages! This is to clean up chat a little bit. This is active now!

After the next reboot the tier of the kill messages will also be visible!

With this addition, we are also adding Guard & Cell Guard death messages! Powerful enough to kill a guard? Prove it and make your enemies have something to be scared about!

XP Bottles
After today’s reboots you will only be able to drink xp bottles that are within your own mining tier:
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners

These two weeks have flown right by us and I'm excited to be back again with the next CCC, so let's get right into it!

Cell Tour Competition
As you can see, we have our finalists for the cell tours! With their hearts beating at 100 miles an hour waiting to see which one will claim the prize, it is now in the hands of the community to decide who will win. Above is a poll, please choose wisely for who YOU think has the best tour.

VIP A 1 - UnitedMcPrisons

Five C 49 - SavvasGr7

Two A 7 - ItsTaz

The poll will close in 24 hours and a winner will be chosen and contacted!

Let's talk about drive by's
After all of our changes, they seem to have died down. Though we still see them, suicides have died out to be pretty dull diamond guys vs level 10s. They can't seem to get any decent suicides in.

Here's a shot of our very own staff member @trembo showing all future suicides how it's really done.

I'd like to also say; no noobs were actually harmed in the creation of this video!

Recently we've had our very own twitter created and with that we had to do a giveaway for top rank on Valron,

Many prisoners entered but only one would prevail and thus, the winner was drawn earlier today. Congratulations to Bluejay on his win! I'm sure he'll be showing off the Vulcan rank in chat in the near future!

And With that, our first twitter meme was created for our lovely overlord...
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Most of today Buycraft itself has experienced issues. As such a lot of players purchases were immensely delayed. Most of you were calm and patient and because of this we have decided to extend the buycraft sale for another day!

Enjoy a 40% Off sale for the next 24 hours (Click here to go to the server store)
Welcome Cosmic Prisoners!

Excited to hear from me again? Well, I hate to be the barer of bad news, but it seems Mojang has scheduled some downtime coming up right around the corner. When I say right around the corner, I mean it's probably just about to happen now.

Though, they never specified a time, the maintenance has been scheduled for the 12th of June. Check out Mojang's update and the minecraft status here.
Greetings Prisoners!

Just wanted to give you all a heads up letting you know that the queue system is currently undergoing some maintenance and will be operational once our resident genius @melsha has done everything he needs to do :)

If you are new to us and do not know what the queue system is then you can read about it here:

I will post updates here, on this post, as and when the queue system is ready to be put back into action!

EDIT 1 11:40AM: Server is going down for maintenance to implement the queue system expect there to be roughly 5 minutes of downtime.

EDIT 2 12:00PM: Planets are back up!! As a little bonus are resident genius @melsha has also thrown in a few extras!

  • When enchanting you will now notice the animation is twice as fast!
  • Zenith /gkit is showing the correct date it was released now :)
  • An exploit with guard placement was mitigated