Greetings Prisoners,

Boy has it been an exciting time lately and it isn’t about to slow down yet! The staff team has been working insanely hard along with the one and only @melsha to get this week’s amazing update out for you all! So let’s get right into things, shall we!

  • Custom Kill Messages
  • XP Bottles
  • Wormhole
  • /gtop & /ltop
  • White scrolls
  • QOL & Bug Fixes

Custom Kill Messages
Custom kill messages give you the ability to rub that extra bit of salt into your enemies wound as you hit them with that final blow. They will replace the default “ypperin was slain by XsSlayeR3 with their Diamond Sword” into something more soul destroying like “ypperin was handed the L by XsSlayeR3 with their Diamond Sword”.

Obtainable through Contrabands there are 6 different messages you can collect to attach a Custom Kill Message simple attach the message to a sword! Any future kills from that sword will contain that message.

Note: We have made a few last miniute changes: You will now only see your own deaths and kills appear in chat unless they are custom kill messages! This is to clean up chat a little bit. This is active now!

After the next reboot the tier of the kill messages will also be visible!

With this addition, we are also adding Guard & Cell Guard death messages! Powerful enough to kill a guard? Prove it and make your enemies have something to be scared about!

XP Bottles
After today’s reboots you will only be able to drink xp bottles that are within your own mining tier:
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners

These two weeks have flown right by us and I'm excited to be back again with the next CCC, so let's get right into it!

Cell Tour Competition
As you can see, we have our finalists for the cell tours! With their hearts beating at 100 miles an hour waiting to see which one will claim the prize, it is now in the hands of the community to decide who will win. Above is a poll, please choose wisely for who YOU think has the best tour.

VIP A 1 - UnitedMcPrisons

Five C 49 - SavvasGr7

Two A 7 - ItsTaz

The poll will close in 24 hours and a winner will be chosen and contacted!

Let's talk about drive by's
After all of our changes, they seem to have died down. Though we still see them, suicides have died out to be pretty dull diamond guys vs level 10s. They can't seem to get any decent suicides in.

Here's a shot of our very own staff member @trembo showing all future suicides how it's really done.

I'd like to also say; no noobs were actually harmed in the creation of this video!

Recently we've had our very own twitter created and with that we had to do a giveaway for top rank on Valron,

Many prisoners entered but only one would prevail and thus, the winner was drawn earlier today. Congratulations to Bluejay on his win! I'm sure he'll be showing off the Vulcan rank in chat in the near future!

And With that, our first twitter meme was created for our lovely overlord...
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Most of today Buycraft itself has experienced issues. As such a lot of players purchases were immensely delayed. Most of you were calm and patient and because of this we have decided to extend the buycraft sale for another day!

Enjoy a 40% Off sale for the next 24 hours (Click here to go to the server store)
Welcome Cosmic Prisoners!

Excited to hear from me again? Well, I hate to be the barer of bad news, but it seems Mojang has scheduled some downtime coming up right around the corner. When I say right around the corner, I mean it's probably just about to happen now.

Though, they never specified a time, the maintenance has been scheduled for the 12th of June. Check out Mojang's update and the minecraft status here.
Greetings Prisoners!

Just wanted to give you all a heads up letting you know that the queue system is currently undergoing some maintenance and will be operational once our resident genius @melsha has done everything he needs to do :)

If you are new to us and do not know what the queue system is then you can read about it here:

I will post updates here, on this post, as and when the queue system is ready to be put back into action!

EDIT 1 11:40AM: Server is going down for maintenance to implement the queue system expect there to be roughly 5 minutes of downtime.

EDIT 2 12:00PM: Planets are back up!! As a little bonus are resident genius @melsha has also thrown in a few extras!

  • When enchanting you will now notice the animation is twice as fast!
  • Zenith /gkit is showing the correct date it was released now :)
  • An exploit with guard placement was mitigated
Greetings Cosmonauts!

Boy have the past few weeks been busy! From Level 105 to Valron. I thought I would make a little thread summing up everything that has happened over the past few weeks.

Before we begin, I just wanted to make a quick apology, in Valron’s announcement I somehow managed to forget to add the update that was the new Leveling Skew!
From now on when you have a mining level which is 5 below the next tier (For example 85) you will be able to mine the next tier ore! This works for all levels and ores MINUS emeralds.
This has since been added to the post but was not originally there and I wanted to make sure you was all informed of this!

Now without further ado let's begin!

New releases
  • May Cosmic Crate
  • Level 105
  • /extractxp
  • The Inspector
  • Meteor & Gkit Flares
  • Cell Deeds
  • June Cosmic Crate
  • Zenith GKit
  • White Scrolls
  • Valron

Updates & Bug Fixes

  • You will now receive a message asking you to /register when trying to sign up on the forums
  • Added cooldowns to /g truce and /g neutral
  • Removed raid notifications
  • Cooldown and fee added to /extractxp
  • Raid Rebalance
  • Enchantment Rebalance
  • Push to talk removed from ts (Minus waiting channels)
  • Carpet now drops when removed by water
  • /jet & /bump exploit has been mitigated
  • Cosmic Crate now gives xp based on your current tier
  • Console Client is no longer blacklisted
  • Inspector no longer erases blocks (Drops them on the floor)
  • Improvements to the Inspector
  • Improvements to guards and there pathing
  • VIP cell doors changed to Double vs Single
  • Particles reduced for ore gens / crude ore
  • Disconnect while an item is being enchanted, which caused the item to disappear, has been fixed
  • Doors disappear instead of open when raiders break it
  • Register link on ban screen now shortened
  • Price per xp shown on ah
  • Regen...
Greetings Prisoners!

I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to announce to you prisoners what we have in store for you this weekend! By now, most of us have seen numerous leaks from @Woofless and @TBNRfrags of a certain planet coming to Prisons soon and that time is this evening! So without further ado I present to you Valron Planet!

Valron will be released this evening along with @TBNRfrags Livestream Make sure to watch as he begins his adventure by clicking here!

Please note Valron will be in VIP only mode for the first hour!!

A planet once known for it’s sheer beauty and tropical weather, after years of failed attempts to protect Valron from scavengers draining the planet of it's resources the planet was deemed too dangerous and was abandoned. Many years later the cosmonauts had decided to put some of their most dangerous criminals to work on Valron to profit once more from the rare and vast ore quantities the planet has to offer!

  • New Planet New experiences
  • Changes to Enchanting
  • Meteors and Ore/xp gain
  • Shards and Contrabands
  • 40% Off Sale
New planet new experiences!
Those who choose to take on the challenge of Valron will get to undergo a brand new prisons experience! With a considerably larger map (1500 x 1500), a completely new layout, a brand new spawn and changes to the way you enchant!


Changes to enchanting
With the start of a new planet we have also decided to change up the way you create...
Greetings Prisoners

Just a quick post to let you know we are pushing an update to change the way gear purchased from the Blacksmith is used. After the planets reboot today you will no longer be able to tinker the gear for it’s base value.

This means that gear purchased from the Blacksmith will only be valued by the tinker from the enchants and level of the gear. Rest assured this update is only to help mitigate how players are generating energy into the economy as a few prisoners were using the gear from the Blacksmith as a way to make energy, this does not create a stable economy and so this update will mitigate that.

If you have any questions regarding this update feel free to hop into the teamspeak myself and @ImEmma will be in there for a little while to answer any you may have :)

NOTE: This will only affect gear purchased from the Blacksmith after your planet has rebooted today!
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners to the first Cosmic Community Column, this week we will be featuring some of the funniest, some of the strangest and most interesting things happening within the community.

Guard Names
Player Submitted Videos From the Forums
New Planet Begging
Cell Competition

Guard Names
While sitting on sahara I noticed one of our own staffers @AppleOfficial post his own funny guard name , and then decided to enslaved the staff team to go through the cells of all planets and find me some of our best and funniest guard names and here they are!

When memes join prisons:

Only 00's kids will remember this one

She works hard to be a mother to her 7 kids during the day and by night she's Mrs Drive By.

Player Submitted Videos From the Forums
I noticed some well made videos from our very own members, one specifically that stood out. A trailer made to introduce players to our server, by @WhiteDecay not long ago. Check it out and make sure to let them know how awesome their work is!

@Alphabet taking the L? We all thought he had some OP pvp skills, but just watch as our community member @Mekzz rekts him in a 1v1 battle.

New Planet Begging

After releasing the spoiler of a series and potential new planet, preston has started some hype and controversy within the community. Causing many posts to be made and many players to rage quit....
Welcome Cosmic Prisoners

As the Community Specialist, I am here to announce something special that I'm sure most of the community will enjoy and love. Starting as soon as possible, every 2 weeks I will be posting a new CCC (Cosmic Community Column).

This will consist of posts that could include;
Community events.
Top gang raids and other raid like content.
neat things that are happening within the community.
Community suggested posts and videos.
And more!​

To submit information for the next community column private message our community update submission guy! @Community Update Submitter

I'm not sure about you all, but I'm super excited to kick this off and see where it leads us, make sure to leave your thoughts on this new adventure in the comments below!