Greetings Prisoners!

It feels like just yesterday I was writing last weeks post and it's already Friday again! So without further ado here is what you have to look forward to when your planets reboot today!
  • Unbans
  • Staff messages
  • Bug Fixes
  • 25% Off Sale
Now before I begin I just want to note that we understand this will be a controversial update which is why there is several limitations being introduced with this implementation to try and make it as fair as humanly possible.

Unbans have been extensively requested and a topic of discussion here on the forums, TS & in-game for some time now and after speaking with the staff team & several community members we have decided to make unbans purchasable from the Server Store. There will however be several limitations/requirements which are the following.

  • You may only purchase ONE unban every 365 days meaning if you purchase an unban on the 12th May 2018 and then proceed to break the rules again you will not be eligible to purchase an unban again until the 12th May 2019
  • You will NOT be able to purchase an unban if you were banned for one of the following reasons
    • DDoS/Dox Threats
    • Duplication Exploits
    • Chargeback
    • Advertising
    • Phishing
    • Nounban
    • IP Banned
So here is a quick FAQ to cover some of the questions you may have

Can I purchase an unban immediately following a ban?

Can I purchase an unban for a SHIVA ban?

Can I purchase an unban for a staff executed ban?
Provided the ban is not an IP, DDoS/Dox Threats, Duplication, Advertising, nounban or Phishing ban then yes.

How can I check if I am eligible for an unban?
You can check the ban panel...​
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Welcome to the 25th installment of the Cosmic Community Column. Another two weeks have passed by so quickly and that means its CCC time, so let's get straight into this week's column!


Escaping with Half a Heart!

@Mekzz from the Sovereign Planet is back at it again this week with a crazy kite from some bad guys he ran into in the warzone. He barely escapes half a heart, after spending hours working on his fresh new iron godset. Talk about lucky! Be sure to check out his heart beating moment below


Shaders on Cosmic Prisons

@WhiteDecay showcases a beautiful Shaders texture pack over on the Valron Planet. Its like watching a cinematic trailer as he runs around the warzone. It truly makes the landscape look like a fantasy movie. If you haven't ever had a chance to see the impact of a nice shaders pack be sure to watch the video below.


Trainee Outpost Domination!

@Qcy and his gang over on the Sovereign Planet has been busy this week dominating the trainee outpost! He shows of some nice clips of him and his gang mate working together to fend off the attackers and even get their hands on some nice leather sets! Check it out below!


RIP Tier 3 Guards!

As part of a recent update, Tier 3 guards are currently not on the server. @_KKona and his friend...
Greetings Prisoners!

Another week and another update! Here's what you have to look forward to upon your planets reboot today:
  • May /cc
  • [showcase]
  • Bug Fixes & QOL
  • 30% Off Sale
May /cc
“SLAYER ITS BEEN MAY FOR 4 DAYS ALREADY WHERE IS THE MAY CC!?!?!?!” Worry no more it’s finally here!​
This Cosmic Crate takes things to a whole new level! Stacked with only the best of the best loot you are guaranteed the following: 3-6x Cell Guard Nametags, Custom Title, 5-10x Absorbers, 2-4 Fractured Gkit Flares, 40-70x Legendary or Godly Shards, 3-6x Godly Contrabands, 2-4x White Scrolls and a 7% Charge Orb Plus you will also receive one of the following Bonus Items: 2,500,000 - 4,500,000 Cosmic Energy, May 2017 Cosmic Crate, High-Tier Rank!

Similar to the brag feature, [showcase] will display a clickable inventory to the public chat of your showcase! No longer will you have to say “Hey /showcase Bob to see my showcase!" [showcase] is able to players with the Tier 2 Rank+ on there respective Prison.​

Bug Fixes & QOL
  • Outposts now share the same /spawn cooldown as the overworld, no more abusing the outposts to bypass that spawn cooldown ;)
  • Staff PM’s will now show up in red so you know when a staff member is messaging you
  • YouTuber rank color has been updated so that it is easier for you to see in chat
  • The /help & /starter links have been updated
To celebrate the release of the May /cc we are throwing a scorching 30% Off Sale on the Server Store all weekend long!​
Greetings Prisoners,

Another week another update! This week we have a brand new Level, changes to gkits & rankkits as well /quest rerolls! Here’s what you have to look forward to upon your planets reboot today:
  • Level 106
  • Cosmic Client Tick
  • Additional /gkit preferences
  • /quests reroll
  • QOL and Bug Fixes
  • 20% Off Sale
Level 106
Today we are introducing the new max level on prisons! Players that hit the new max level of 106 will receive an additional 50% rewards on completion of their /quests. Who amongst the community has the persistence to mine to the new highest level?​

Cosmic Client Tick

Players will notice upon hovering over a player's ign in chat it will now display whether they are using the Cosmic Client. Cosmic Client: (Tick)/(Cross) will now be displayed in addition to the players stats upon hovering over their in-game name. (This will become active once the Cosmic Client is updated to version 2.0.8)​

Additional /gkit and /rankkit preferences

Players will now be able to have more customization of what tier of gear they would like to receive from their gkits and rank kits. Similar to the armour selection, you will now be able to select what weapon and pickaxe tier you would like to receive when claiming your kits.​

Simply click on the gui icon to cycle through the tier options you have available. The tiers available for selection is based on your mining level. For example a level 70 player would be able to select iron gear, swords and pickaxes. Or if they so wished could also select lower tier gear, weapons or pickaxes.​

This allows players to have a full selection of exactly what tier armour, weapons and pickaxes they would like to...​
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Welcome to the 24th installment of the Cosmic Community Column. These past two weeks have been flat out and I can’t wait to get right into what's been going on, so let's get straight into this week's column!


Preston joins the server with a BANG!!

@TBNRfrags has begun his brand new Cosmic Prisons adventure on the freshly reset Sovereign Planet. With the guidance of his best pal @Woofless, Preston managed to hit the ground running and even make it into this week’s CCC! Watch below at 45:15, as he pounces on an unsuspecting victim spawning in some juicy gkits!


Parkour on Prisons?!?!?

With Sovereign Planet resetting this past weekend, it was time for the admin events and carnage to take place. Unfortunately, the team ran into some issues with the infamous Admin Cell Event and with some quick footwork pushed out a Parkour Event instead. Parkour may be one of the most rage inducing challenges on minecraft and is a very hard skill to master. We had 5 winners, who won prizes ranging from Cosmic Crates to a Top Rank!

Unfortunately , @Frosted_ wasn’t one of the winners, but sure gave the parkour a top notch effort. Check out his perspective below to see his attempts and even some salty minerman rage!


The Luckiest Man on Cosmic Prisons!!!

@WhiteDecay needs no introduction when it comes to luck. Throughout his playtime on prisons, he has proven time and time again to be...
Greetings Prisoners!

Sovereigns Reset is finally upon us and with it, we are introducing some big changes to Mining levels! So sit back grab some popcorn and enjoy the read!

  • Mining Level changes
  • Mystery Cosmic Crate
  • Sovereigns Reset
  • 45% Off Sale

Mining Level changes
We are always working on making Prisons a grind but at the same time rewarding, Sovereign is going to be the first planet to receive these changes in preparation for some bigger updates to come and other planets will get them when it is time for there reset. Here are the changes being implemented today:
  • Chain Gear removed
  • Can now mine with a Wooden Pickaxe from Level 1
  • Stone Weapons can now be used from Level 10
  • The amount of XP required from Level 30 - 60 has been increased by ~25%
  • The amount of XP required from Level 60 - 90 has been increased by ~40%
  • The amount of XP required from Level 90 - 105 has been increase by ~40%
Changes to the leveling system
I can only imagine the amount of questions that arise from this, so here are the most common
questions and answers that may be asked (Don't forget if you ever need clarification and the level requirements for any piece of gear you can always do /levels in-game!):
Why make Wooden Pickaxes Level 1?
The intention of the first few levels on Prisons is to learn the game mode and understand how mining works with Pickaxes on Prisons. Starting the grind with your fists when you will never use them again after Level 10 doesn't teach new players how they work. This also makes the initial grind from 1 - 10 a little quicker!
Wait, if I have to grind with...
Greetings Prisoners of Sovereign Planet!

With Sovereign Planet's reset fast approaching I figured I would post the details for you all today!

What you will keep
What you will lose
Video Montage
Final Day of Carnage
Reset Time

What will be kept after reset:
Ranks (Yes even those won from crates & CC’s)
Home & PV Expansions

What will be lost after reset:
Cash balance
Inventory & Private Vaults
Mining Levels
/qkit level

Video Montage Competition
Don't forget we have a competition running for you players on Sovereign with an awesome prize of a custom /title! Below are the details you need to know in case you want to enter!

We all have some great memories from Map 2 of Soverign and we figured what better way to show than through some great montages! Starting now and ending at first boot of the new planet you have the opportunity to compete to win yourself a custom title of your choosing to keep forever on Sovereign yes that includes resets, keep in mind the title will be required to follow the rules of the server!

You can submit your montage on this thread here and it can also be found pinned under general.

Note the video must be 10 minutes or less and follow the rules of the server!

Once the submission time has ended a new post will be posted and pinned under general where all the submission will be found and you will...
Greetings Prisoners!

It's been a busy time here on Prisons and things aren't about to slow down! You have been asking for it and it is finally here Sovereign’s reset!

Now we couldn’t just say goodbye to map 2 without giving it a proper Prisons send off! To do this we have a bunch of awesome stuff lined up for you guys over the next few days starting Tuesday 17th April!​

Admin Events
Reset Kits
Video montage competition
/gtop & /ltop
and who knows what else the Owners and Admins will come up with ;)

Admin Events
Admin Events will happen throughout the week, from parkours to cat n mouse to meteors and whatever else we may come up with!​

Reset Kits
Reset kits are there to spice things up in the final few days of Sovereign! Available to all players every 5 minutes you will be able to get yourself a set of OP gear (tiered to your level so that you are capable of wearing it of course) getting more OP every single day leading up to the reset! You will be able to access this gear through /resetkit starting from Tuesday!​

Video Montage Competition
We all have some great memories from Map 2 of Sovereign and we figured what better way to show this than through some great montages! Starting now and ending at first boot of the new planet you have the opportunity to compete to win yourself a custom title of your choosing to keep forever on Sovereign yes that includes resets, keep in mind the title will be required to follow the rules of the server!​

You can submit your montage on this thread here and it can also be found pinned under general.​

Greetings Prisoners,

It's been another busy week behind the scenes but were still bringing you some updates to look forward to upon your planets reboot today.
  • /g coleader
  • Guard healing changes
  • Coming Soon
/g coleader
The co leader role allows gangs to give permissions to a second in charge! They will have identical permissions to the leader of the gang, except for /g disband and setting /g coleader. There is no limit to the amount of co-leaders allowed in a gang.
Leaders will now show in chat with 3 *’s, Co-Leaders will show with 2 *’s, Moderators will show with 1 * and Members will show with none.​

Guard healing ability and raiding
Recently players have been using the Hero Outposts no /home cooldown to exploit guards healing effects during a raid. This was not the intended use of the /home buff and as such we have implemented a fix to negate this exploit.​
All guards (Wardens, Enforcers, Hitmen and Guards) will no longer provide regeneration to players that have taken damage from cell guards within the last 60 seconds.
Coming Soon
I wonder what @trembo is doing here...

Now it wouldn't be a Cosmic Update without a sale! Players can enjoy 20% Off on the Server Store all weekend long!
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Welcome to the 23rd installment of the Cosmic Community Column. This column showcases the highlights that have taken place on the server and shares them with the wider community. Lets jump straight into it!


That's what you call a facepalm!

@Ryan_the_Boss_10 with the assistance of @CrystalFar were purchasing a lucky 4 orb using his hard earned tokens at the Mystery Man. When all of a sudden CrystalFar gives the orb to a random guy! Talk about a facepalm! The exact moment he went to click on Ryan's name in chat another players trade popped up. Wow, now that's unlucky! Fortunately for him, he was able to sweet talk the player and pay him in tokens for the orb back. Check out the hilarious reaction below!


April Fools!

Last week for April Fools the admins decided to have a little behind the scenes prank on the players. They changed the mining level notification to read as if every player was hitting level 105. It even managed to fool some community members as we started to get reports of there being an exp glitch. Was for sure a good laugh reading those. Here's one players reaction to a leather guy reaching level 105 mining!


2 Gkits from 2 Contrabands!?!?!!

@WhiteDecay has got to be one of the luckiest players on the Cosmic Prisons server. He always manages to have amazing luck opening shards, gkits and contrabands. In the video below he manages to open a diamond and gold satchel from two...