Greetings Prisoners!

For the past 24 hrs or so we have seen a marked increase in the distribution of phishing links. Phishing Links are links that in some way shape or form attempt to compromise your data, such as, your Minecraft Account Information.

Some food for thought:
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! "Free Capes" are not free, they cost you your account!
Your Mommy always told you not to click links in spam email and internet popups/ads, the same applies to games!

Seriously speaking, NOBODY is going to give you a free cape. NOBODY is going to give you a cape for in game items.

Don't click strange links
Don't go to websites posted in books in game, or on signs, or on any platform for that matter.
Don't ever EVER enter your account information into a website! Don't do it!

Here's some tips to help you:

Did you receive the link from someone online?
Don't click it

Did you find the link in a book or on a sign?
Don't enter it into your browser

Are you being asked to enter your login information into a website?
Don't do it

Did someone randomly pick you for a free prize/cape etc?
Yeah, it's a trap!

IF you have already entered your information into one of these websites I strongly urge you to:
Change your login password for your minecraft account
Consider changing the email affiliated to your minecraft account
If that password was used ANYWHERE change it now!

Be smart on the internet, not gullible.
Finally a big thank you to @ypperin for this post from PvP <3​
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Welcome to this week's Community Update! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season and had a great time with friends and loved ones! You guys aren't here for the best wishes, you’re here for the content , so let's get right into it!


Wild Admin Encounter!

Mike from the Ulu Planet encountered a wild trembo at the trainee outpost! Some very funny editing on mikes behalf had me in stitches! Be sure to check out Mike's video if you are up for a laugh!


That's 1 way to lose a Diamond Godset!

Desiredd from the Sovereign Planet had just finished doing a driveby and being villain slipped his mind. He ended up going to spawn and dying to a warden! His live reaction was priceless! Im sure the poor gold and diamond miners were happy to see him lose a set !


Ulu Planet Godset PVP+Iron Godset Kill

Ulu planet sure has been competitive on its first map! Two players from enemy gangs both took around 5 days to hit level 100 and already make godsets! Watch below to see some diamond godset pvp in the depths of the nightmare mine in the 1st week of Ulu planet. Also watch to the end to watch an ez kill on full lvl 20 God Iron Set Swoop!


Gkit Luck?

WhiteDecay is back at it again this week stocking up on some perm gkits before the most anticipated Valron Planet Reset! Watch below as he aims to complete his gkit...
Greetings Prisoners!

This is just a quick post to let you know that Ulu has now past the 7-day mark and Contrabands & Shards have been enabled in the server store for Ulu!

Nows your chance to grab yourselves a deal while our scorching 50% Off Sale is live on the server store!
Greetings Prisoners!

So the year is almost at a close and you have all been screaming at me “Where's the sale slayer!” “Slayer give us a sale!” “Slayer its almost new years eve we want a sale!!!” Well, this is Cosmic and with something like new years we couldn’t just say goodbye to 2017 without a show now could we!

Flare Bundle
Return of old /cc’s
50% Off Sale

Flare Bundle
That's right you heard me! Right now you can grab yourselves a bundle of 10 random flares offering you the chance to get every single Gkit available on the server!​


Return of old /cc’s

What better way to look back on such a great year than to get your hands on some of our old /cc’s! For the next few days only you can head on to our store and obtain any of the following Cosmic Crates​

Back 2 School 2017

October 2017

Halloween 2017

November 2017

Black Friday 2017

December 2017

Christmas 2017

Note: If you have purchased any of the /cc's in the past you will NOT be able to purchase them again!

Now we couldn’t do all this without throwing a massive sale! Players can enjoy a scorching 50% Off Sale on the server store all weekend long!
Greetings Prisoners

This week is packed full of updates with so many new additions and changes to enchants and quality of life fixes we have all been waiting for!
Here's a list of what you have to look forward to upon your planets reboot:
  • New Enchants
  • Adrenaline Revamp
  • QOL & Bug Fixes!
New Enchants

Name: Sixth Sense
Type: Pickaxe
Max Level: 1
Rarity: Elite

Sixth Sense is a warning signal for players whilst mining meteorites. It gives off red particles and plays an ominous sound when a player is close. These sounds and particles are only visible to the player using the pickaxe.

Name: Bleed
Type: Axe
Max Level: 3
Rarity: Ultimate

When proc'd applies a bleed effect to the victim doing damage over time.

Name: Momentum
Type: Pickaxe
Max Level: 5
Rarity: Legendary

Momentum gives an increase in your mining speed the longer you continue to mine.

Momentum is attached to the pickaxe, meaning you are able to stop mining, extract energy, enchant your pickaxe or hand it to a friend to keep the momentum going!

If you stop mining your momentum will start to decay and after 3 minutes will reset. The higher level of Momentum the higher your mining speed can be.
Your Momentum will be shown on the scoreboard so you can keep track of your current momentum and the buff in mining speed that you are receiving and to top it all off at max level will also increase the number of shards you gain!

Adrenaline Revamp
Adrenaline was intended to be a nice convenient and possible life saving...​
Greeting Prisoners!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for making this year the best year ever! Everything wouldn't have been made possible without the amazing community, staff and our resident genius @melsha!
With that said players have been asking me none stop for a sale to beat all sales.

So for the next 12 hours only we are going to have a 55% Off Flash Sale on the server store!
Greetings Prisoners!

The Holidays are here! Whatever it may be that you plan on doing this holiday season I wanted to just take a moment to wish you all a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from our family to yours <3 This year has been an insane year for Cosmic Prisons and it is only going to get better in 2018!

In celebration of the holidays, we are bumping up the sale to a huge 50% Off on the server store!
Greetings Prisoners,

Welcome to the full overview and need to know details regarding Prison Ulu. Ulu boasts the biggest and best additions to prisons from the course of the previous week's updates and will be sporting some new features and changes to the “typical” planet release!
The planet that was once full of life and adventure now deserted. Rumour has it, Ulu was abandoned due to a tropical storm that lasted for over 100 years. Now overrun by trees and nature Ulu is the prime location for Cosmonauts to lock away there most fierce Prisoners hiding them away from the rest of the Cosmoverse.
  • New planet new design
  • Levelling System
  • /fund
  • Server store
  • Shards & Contrabands
New planet new design!
Of course, we couldn't release a new planet without a new design! Just like Valron, Ulu has its own custom map that means a brand new layout and a brand new spawn.​

Levelling system

Just like Sovereign Ulu will be sporting the new level system which introduces things like the Master Miner Shop and new level requirements for gear and pickaxes.​


/fund will disable the use of gkits and rank kits until the global pool reaches a certain amount. Players will not have access to rank kits or gkits globally until the total amount is met. The top donators to this fund will receive special in game rewards.​

Server Store
You may now purchase any items you wish (Ranks, CC’s and so on) on the server store for Prison Ulu in preparation for release later on today!​

Shards & Contrabands
Shards & Contrabands will not be purchasable from the server store for the first 7 days of the planets release​

Prison Ulu will release on Friday 22nd...
Greetings Prisoners!

What a day! Ulu release is just around the corner and we aren’t stopping there! As many of you have seen today we have a brand new CC, Gkit and even Quest Kits! So let's get right into it!

Quest Kits
Christmas /cc
Atheos /gkit
Ulu & the server store​

Quest Kits
Quest Kits bring a whole new line of quests for you Prisoners to get your hands on! Each quest kit will have its own theme and the first one we are introducing is the Christmas Quest Kit! Just like your normal quests when you unlock a Quest Kit you will have until Friday at 6 PM CST to complete the quests before they reset but there is a twist!
When you first unlock a Qkit it will start at level 1! Level 1 will give you 3 quests to complete and upon completion of all 3 quests, you will have a chance to level up your Qkit! Each level will give you an extra quest to complete meaning at the max level (10) you will have 12 quests!

Quest Kits are available from Contrabands & the server store!​

Christmas /cc
The holidays are here and what better way to celebrate than a CC!​
This OP Cosmic Crate comes some of the best loot the cosmoverse has to offer including : Custom Titles , Exclusive Admin Items , 1-2 Vulkarion Gkit Flares , 20-40 Cosmic Tokens , 2 Item Nametags , 2 Legendary Contrabands , 30-80 Godly Shards , a Random Rank and one of the following Bonus Items: 2,000,000-5,000,000 Cosmic Energy , Christmas Quest Kit or a High Tier Rank!

Atheos /gkit
The Atheos gkit is the new guy on the block and comes sporting some exciting qualities that make this gkit special not to mention you will get 1-10 Cosmic Tokens each time you claim this kit you will also get the following!...​
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Welcome to this week's Community Update! The past few weeks have been crazy! So many awesome updates and so much action going down all over the prisons. Here's whats unfolded across the multiverse this week on Cosmic Prisons.


Admin Event - Top Rank Clutch!

Last week we doubled the amount of cells for all planets barring Valron Planet as there wasn't enough room. To make up for their this the admin team decided to a pvp event at trainee outpost. Trembo, Striker and Slayer all had awesome loot on them and tried to survive the onslaught by the prisons players. After trembo and Striker had died , Slayer was the last one left and had the TOP rank on him. Watch below as a hoard of players chase him down and kill him for that loot!

Be sure to watch the ending as a JewOpsIII makes a quick move and snags himself top rank!


Hitman Kill + Godset Gank!

Mekz from the Sovereign planet brings us some high quality minemen pvp and some great footage of him killing his first Hitman. Be sure to check out the massive godset fight their two gangs have in the emerald mine it's quite hilarious!


A Godly Enchant Spawned?!?!

Krepstah from the Valron Planet was confused and excited when he came across a Godly Enchant Meteorite. Unfortunately for him the godly enchant orb shows “nice try guy” and that's all he got! Wow those admins are meanies huh? Godly Enchants don't exist , well not yet ;)