Greetings Prisoners,

Welcome to the 2nd instalment of the Holiday Season Updates! There's a lot of cool and exciting updates this week so let's not waste any time and get right into it. Here's a list of what you have to look forward too.
  • Prestiging Pickaxes
  • Nicknames
  • Gang Upgrades
  • Contraband Upgrades
  • Extra Quests!
Prestiging Pickaxes
When you prestige a pick you will be given a menu with all the possible upgrades you can choose from. When you prestige the pickaxe you lose all enchants and its level will be reset to 1. Everything else on the pick will stay, so White Scrolls, custom names, charge orb % and Charge Orb Slots. When prestiging a pickaxe you are able to select its perk from the 5 options listed below:​
  • Energy Mastery: Unlock an extra 5 Charge Orb Slots on your pickaxe
  • XP Mastery: Unlock a permanent XP buff +15%
  • Hoarder: Gain 40% more ores
  • Grinder: +25% Mining Speed
  • Shard Mastery: Gain Shards twice as fast
Each upgrade can only be chosen once (XP Mastery requires all other upgrades before it can be chosen!)
Each tier of pickaxe has a different level at which it becomes Prestigable at:
Wood Pick: 20
Stone Pick: 25
Gold Pick: 30
Iron Pick: 35
Diamond Pick: 40​

Rank 3+ now have the ability to use /nick. /nick gives players the ability to rename themselves and display this name in public chat. This can be removed by using /resetnick or changing your nickname. Keep in mind /nick follows the same sensor as public chat and naming yourself something inappropriate or undermining another player or spirit of the game using this will result in punishment.​
Gang Upgrades
/g upgrades is a...​
Greetings Prisoners of Valron!

I am writing this post to inform you that after some final prep and tests for the extra cells that were due to be added later on today we the Administration team have decided that it is not possible to add the extra cells to Valron Planet.

This is down to the fact that while Valron Planet is the biggest map on the outside there is simply not enough underground to add the extra cells to the server without it either colliding with one of the mines or VIP cells.

Instead of adding the extra cells on Valron we will, however, be doing some events in the time slot that was originally set for Valron. Apologies for this being such a late decision. Dw we will be adding the cells to Valron Map #2 though
Greetings Prisoners!

Welcome to the Cells Revamp! This is a big one so grab yourselves a snack, get comfortable and let's get right into this weeks update!

  • Cell Mining Level Requirements
  • Cell Renting
  • More Tier 3, 4 & 5 Cells
  • December CC
  • The Master Miner Shop Updates
  • Bug Fixes & QOL
  • 30% Off Sale
Cell Mining Level Requirements
Cells are OP and very beneficial to all Prisoners and as such the Wardens have decided that you must prove you are worthy before you can acquire certain tiers of cells. As such from now on you will be required to be a certain level of mining before purchasing a cell these are as follows
Tier 5: Level 25
Tier 4: Level 40
Tier 3: Level 55
Tier 2: Level 65
Tier 1: Level 80
VIP: Level 95
Now do not panic if you own a cell but do not currently meet the said requirements above you will NOT lose your cell.
These requirements are required to purchase a cell and also to claim a cell from a deed.
Cell Renting
The Wardens are just getting greedy now. Starting from your planets next reboot there will be a weekly charge for owning a cell, I am sure there are many questions to be had so I will do my best to give you as much info as possible right here.
The cost of renting is 5% of the amount it is to purchase a cell for Tier 5 & 4 and 10% for Tier 3, 2, 1 & VIP and will be charged every 7 days. Below is the
cost of each tier of cell:
Tier 5: $8,750 / Week
Tier 4: $42,500 / Week
Tier 3: $150,000 / Week
Tier 2: $250,000 / Week
Tier 1:...
Greetings Prisoners!

This is just a quick post to let you know that with this weekend's updates we shall be doubling the amount of Tier 3, 4 & 5 cells! I wanted to make this post so that you all have a fair warning to snag up the cells when they go live this Friday! This is not an easy process and you should expect about 60 minutes of downtime when your planet goes offline for the update!

When can I expect the new cells to go live on my planet?

As with anything, these times are subject to everything going to plan and may be delayed if there are any unforeseen circumstances!

Sahara Planet:

Celestial Planet:
5PM - 5:30PM CST

Sovereign Planet:
5:30PM - 6PM CST

Update #1 16:46 CST: Sahara's Cells are nearly finished just doing some final checks as we speak!

Update #2 16:54 CST: Sahara Planets new cells are ready and will be released at 17:00 CST!

Update #3 17:10 CST: Celestial Planets new cells are underway!

Update #4 17:18 CST: Celestial Planets new cells are ready and will be released at 17:25 CST!

Update #5 17:47 CST: We are currently fixing some issues with Celestial Sovereign cells will being at 18:00 CST!

Update #6 18:10 CST: Sovereign Planet is nearly done!​
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

It's the most exciting time of the week again! It's time to share all the untold stories that have taken place all over the prisons world this week. There's some really intense godset kills, some top notch investigative work and an enchanting guide


The Prisoner's Guide to Enchanting

Credit for this tool goes to P0LAND , a long time prisons player that has a lot of knowledge and understanding of the server has made and enchanting guide. This enchanting guide shows the exact amount of energy a piece of armour would need to be a certain level and even includes if you are using a gkit!


Bring On The Action!

There has been some insane pvp action on the Sovereign Planet as more and more players reach the diamond armour tier status. Watch below as 1 player tries to escape so many enemies!!

The Great Chase!

I feel bad for S1LENTFOX, he went villain and oh boy did he regret it. The video below is a must watch as a massive group of diamond players chases him down in the hopes of getting their hands on an easy godset kill!

The Trainee Outpost Investigation

HaynezGamez sure has been busy this week doing some investigation and testing into how much energy you get whilst controlling the trainee outpost. These are some handy numbers and information to have and he's happy to share his results. Check out his findings from his testing below.

Greetings Prisoners,

Welcome back to another update post and another bunch of goodies and changes to look forward to upon planets reboot today. Here a list of what you have to look forward to :
  • Secret Dust
  • Enchant Orb Meteorites
  • Christmas Lobbies, Spawns and Outposts
  • Quest Bonuses
  • /ah item expiration changes
  • QOL Updates
  • 25% Off Sale
Secret Dust
After piles and piles of feedback, we are excited to announce the introduction of Secret Dust! Enchant Orbs will now be able to be tinkered using the “Tinkerer” in exchange for secret dust.​
Secret Dust has a chance when right clicked to reward an enchantment dust ranging from 1 - 14% or nothing at all! The higher rarity the enchant orb tinkered, the higher chance of receiving a higher percentage dust.​

Enchant Orb Meteorites
A new type of meteorite for all those hunters out there. The Enchant Orb Meteorite spawns randomly around the wilderness and offers the chance of receiving random enchant orbs when mined.​

Christmas Lobbies, Spawns and Outposts
In the spirit of the holiday season all lobbies, spawns and outposts had undergone a makeover. What better than a Christmas themed Prison to get everyone excited and hyped for the best time of the year!

Quest Bonuses
This brings a whole new aspect to your Quest Shop! After today's reboots the more quests you complete the more bonus shop items you can receive! This does not only give you a higher chance to get that final satchel you are searching for but also at a discounted price! That’s right all bonus quest shop items are...​
Greetings Prisoners!

It has been an insane past few days, to say the least! Now, what better way to finish off that celebration than by holding the biggest sale Cosmic Prisons has ever seen? That's right for the next 24 hours only enjoy a HUGE 60% Off on the entire server store!

Here is a gif of a cat to help you celebrate!

Greetings Prisoners,

What a busy time of the year and it's only going to get busier from here. We now begin the leadup to December and towards the jolly time of Christmas. Here's what you have to look forward to upon planets reboots this afternoon!
  • /ah Revamp
  • Bug Fixes/QOL
  • Black Friday Sale!
/ah Revamp
Auction House has had a major overhaul and players will be over the moon with the new additions and quality of life fixes to /ah.
  • Left Click buys 1 of the item
  • Right Click buys X amount (Bring up a chat menu)
  • Insufficient Funds will now show a red panel when trying to purchase an item
  • Auction House offers now expire after 1 hour, then will remain in your "My Offers" section until collected (Note: With this items in your expiration bin will be classed as one of your listings meaning if you can list 2 items it will class as 1 of those 2!)
  • When purchasing an item there is a confirmation and it also shows the cost
Bug Fixes/QOL
  • /baltop will no longer include the value of a player's cell or the contents in the baltop list. /baltop will only show the players value of their balance. Promise it should work this time
  • Outposts now are configured using regions. This means admins now have the tools to be able to edit safe zones , pvp areas , certain command access and configure areas more accurately and efficiently.
I know you have been asking for it and it is finally here! For today only enjoy a huge 55% Off on the Server Store in celebration of Black Friday!
Greetings Prisoners!

The Holidays are just around the corner and I couldn’t wait any longer to get this out to you so here is what you can look forward to on Thanksgiving morning!
  • Black Friday /cc
  • Enchanter Gkit
  • Meteorite tweaks
  • 40% Off Thanksgiving Sale!
Black Friday /cc
You guys have all being asking for it and knew it was coming and it’s finally here! Without a doubt, this is the most OP Cosmic Crate to have ever landed on Cosmic Prisons! You will want to get your hands on this CC! Available tomorrow morning!
This Cosmic Crate takes things to a whole new level! Stacked with only the best of the best loot you are guaranteed the following: Custom Titles, 1-2x Item Nametags, 1-2x Cell Guard Nametags, 64-128 High-Tier Shards, 3x Legendary OR Godly Contrabands, 1-3x Gkit Flares, 1-2x 5% Charge Orbs, 1-2x Home Expansions Plus you will receive one of the following Bonus Items: 1-2x Vault Row Expansions, 2,000,000 - 4,000,000 Cosmic Energy, High-Tier Ranks

Enchanter Gkit
The Enchanter Gkit is the new addition to gkits on prisons and comes packing some heat!
Here is what you can expect from this OP GKit!

6 - 10 Enchantment Orbs (Varying in rarity)
2- 4 Enchant Dust (Varying in rarity)
400k - 800k Cosmic Energy
You will also receive one of the following:
Charge Orb Slot​

Meteorite Tweaks
With the recent changes to Meteorites it has caused some unwanted lag during peak times, to combat this we have lowered the viewing distance at which meteorites can be seen.​

In celebration of Thanksgiving, we are throwing a 40% Off Sale on the Server Store! Make sure to...
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Welcome to this week's Community Update! We have such a wide variety of events that have taken place amongst the prisons community this week. Lets jump straight into what's in store for the 13th installment of the Community Column!


GOD Pick Kill!

Salty_Pleb sure got lucky with this kill. After carefully selecting his target he pounced on his unsuspecting victim and comboed him right off the top of lapiz mine. This video is a must watch for those players out there that love to sui!


2 Guards in 6 Shards!?!?!

Congratulations to The_Creepster for his amazing luck opening 2 Legendary Guards when he rolled his 6 legendary shards. This is by far the luckiest roll of shards i've ever seen on prisons! Talk about some insane luck.



The Level 100 Milestone!

Level 100 on the sovereign planet was the first diamond armour milestone to be changed across all the planets. With the increase in XP needed to reach diamond armour being increased grinding all the way to 100 is no easy task. Congratulations to Mekz for hitting 100 and making his godset. We look forward to some diamond pvp clips from you soon buddy!


Hero Outpost Massacre!

Coming from a member of the staff team MobTheGreat shows off his pvp skills as he walks into Hero Outpost rocking his Iron Godset and takes out countless enemies trying...