Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Welcome to this week's Community Update! We have such a wide variety of events that have taken place amongst the prisons community this week. Lets jump straight into what's in store for the 13th installment of the Community Column!


GOD Pick Kill!

Salty_Pleb sure got lucky with this kill. After carefully selecting his target he pounced on his unsuspecting victim and comboed him right off the top of lapiz mine. This video is a must watch for those players out there that love to sui!


2 Guards in 6 Shards!?!?!

Congratulations to The_Creepster for his amazing luck opening 2 Legendary Guards when he rolled his 6 legendary shards. This is by far the luckiest roll of shards i've ever seen on prisons! Talk about some insane luck.



The Level 100 Milestone!

Level 100 on the sovereign planet was the first diamond armour milestone to be changed across all the planets. With the increase in XP needed to reach diamond armour being increased grinding all the way to 100 is no easy task. Congratulations to Mekz for hitting 100 and making his godset. We look forward to some diamond pvp clips from you soon buddy!


Hero Outpost Massacre!

Coming from a member of the staff team MobTheGreat shows off his pvp skills as he walks into Hero Outpost rocking his Iron Godset and takes out countless enemies trying...
Greetings Prisoners,

Hello and welcome to another update post. This weeks update includes a wide variety of additions and changes that I'm sure you're looking forward to I know I am!

Here's a list of what's included in this weeks update:
  • New Enchant Levels
  • /pulse update
  • Increased Meteorite Spawns and Changes
  • Gkit Cooldown and Rank Kit changes
  • Electrocution Change
  • Bug Fixes
  • 20% Off Sale
New Enchant Levels
This week we are introducing an entirely new way to max out your set, these orbs are only obtainable through the mystery man and will be in the form of an enchant orb starting at 0% success rate.

Note: You cannot get these enchants anywhere else!​

Efficiency VI
Efficiency VI is a higher level of Efficiency that offers a considerable amount of increased mining speed from Efficiency V. Wearing this is going to give you that one up you need over your enemy.​

Lucky IV

Lucky IV is a higher level of Lucky that offers a considerably higher chance of activating other enchants. Wearing this is going to have you feeling considerably luckier!​
/pulse update
We all love /pulse but it just wasn’t cutting the cake beforehand so we decided it needed a little buff! From now on the range of /pulse is the entire map! But you now have a 30-second delay in between uses!​
Increased Meteorite Spawns and Changes
Meteorites are supposed to be a bit of a gamble offering you a high-risk high reward situation but that just didn’t seem to be happening when mining. So not only are we tripling the spawn rates of meteorites we have also given the number of ores that appear on the meteorites a buff and also made it so that when a meteorite lands it will not...​
Greetings Prisoners,

This weeks update has loads of new and exciting twists to look forward to! There's so much to go through so let's get right into this weeks update.

Here's a list of what's included in this weeks update:

  • Pickaxe Enchant Revamp
  • November CC
  • Enchanting
  • Outpost TP times
  • Bug Fixes
  • QOL updates
  • 30% Off Sale
Pickaxe Enchants Revamp

Shard Discoverer

At max level has a chance to give you two shards instead of one!


At max level has a chance to reward you double the money for that ore!

Energy Collector

At max level has a chance to reward you double the energy for that ore!

Super Breaker

At max level has a chance to reward you double the XP for the ores mined with that proc!
Now has the ability to proc other enchants on your pickaxe, at max level fires multiple powerballs when it has a random proc! With this change Powerball will also no longer work on cell gens!

Note: A Powerball proc will not be able to proc another powerball!

November CC
An OP crate, only the most substantial miners can bask in its glory!
This Cosmic Crate takes things to a whole new level! Stacked with only the best of the best loot you are guaranteed the...
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Welcome back to this week's Community Update! These last few weeks have been packed full with updates and so many new and interesting things for the server. Let's get right into what's been going on this week in the community!


Outpost Madness!

With the introduction of outpost there sure has been some intense pvp across all of the planets. Gangs waging war against one another for the OP rewards in order to rise to the top!

I'd like to congratulate the gang Energy for being the first gang to capture Trainee Outpost and they even took a family photo to remember the occasion. GG guys keep up the great work!



Maze Event Rage!

Another big event that went down over the past 2 weeks on prisons was the maze event. This was a chance for players of all levels to participate and get their hands on some amazing loot and overall some great fun!

However Sahara Planets Maze was a little tiny bit later than scheduled and everyone was rioting. Players took arms and began cookie bombing the spawn zone. What a bunch of trouble makers! Here's a picture snapped of the infamous cookie riot on Sahara Planet!



Trolling on Sovereign Planet!

Dabkings and Hopeless gangs from sovereign planet sure were being bullies this week, even to their own members! Poor Zeefy had his generators covered in sand and to make matters even worse they were replacing the sand as he tried to get rid of it. LOL what haters! Check out this funny video below for a good laugh....
Greetings Prisoners,

After such a busy week last week, this weeks update consists of a lot of quality of life and additions to last weeks update. Let's get right into it there is so much to look forward to!
Here a list of what's in this weeks update:
  • New Enchants
  • /enchants menu
  • /levels
  • QOL & Bug Fixes
  • 20% Off Sale
New Enchants
This week we are also adding some new enchants into the mix!​

Tier: Elite
Max Level:
Sword Enchant
Deal more damage to players weilding axes​

Tier: Elite
Max Level:
Axe Enchant
Deal more damage to players weilding swords
Guard Lock
Tier: Legendary
Max Level:
Axe Enchant
Chance to stun a cell guard in place
/enchants menu
/enchants was starting to get a little too crowded with all the enchants we have so we decided to put it all into one nice little menu for you all! Equipped with the ability to search through all the enchants you are sure to not forget an enchant ever again!

Ever forgotten what level you need to be to get that next pickaxe or piece of armor? Worry no more simply do /levels and mouse over the piece you are looking for!​

QOL & Bug Fixes
  • When you are enchanting multiple items at once the item you are currently enchanting will now rise up so you can easily see what item you are enchanting!
  • Commands such as [blocks] and [item] have been removed from being used in the hubs.
  • The “Wait what time is it quest” is now recording...
Greetings Prisoners!

Things have been really busy here on Prisons these past few weeks from the Prisons Anniversary to the release of Outposts just yesterday and we couldn’t just leave it at that!

Today we’re going to be doing our first ever Global event!

Halloween Maze Event

This maze has it all and here is what you can expect:
Two Floors
3 parkours
Over 20 lootable chests
PvP areas

There are three different types of chests you can expect to find within this maze! Basic chests, Buffed chests and the final prize chests! Here is a look at the first two types of chests to give you a taste of what to expect!

This is what you can expect from the Basic Halloween chests:
Thought that was good? Well here’s what you can expect from the Buffed Halloween chests:

Note: While inside the Maze event you will be limited to the following commands:

Within the maze, you will find areas with either red wool or red glass be warned these areas are PVP Enabled but they also hold some of the best loot available…

Now you are probably wondering but Slayer when will this be available on my planet?
Me and the other admins will be setting up this event on each planet one at a time starting at 6 PM CST tonight! Keep an eye on your global chat as the admins will let you know when the event is about to go live! The warp will be called /warp Halloween

Greetings Prisoners!

Boy has the past few weeks been busy! From the release of our newest Guard “The Hitmen” to the Charge Orb revamp and we aren't slowing down! This week we have a big one for you so grab some popcorn get comfy and let's get started!
  • Outposts
  • Halloween CC
  • Slaughter /gkit
  • Axes
  • Pumpkin Meteorites
  • 40% Off Sale

Intended to supply guards with supplies, Cosmic Supply Ships have been hijacked by the Cosmic Prisoners! These ships stock only the best of the best but will not be uncontested! Gather your gang members and dominate the outpost to reap the rewards!

For those of you who do not know what outposts are it is a capturable and controllable area which runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Rewards vary from buffs to the amount of energy you gain to no cooldown on your /home to an increase in the energy you receive from the tinkerer!

How do I capture an Outpost?
To Capture an outpost you and your gang must stand within the cap point. If another gang currently owns the outpost you and any other player on the server can help to take the outpost off of them! But be warned! When the cap reaches 0 only you and fellow gang members can work together to capture the outpost for your gang!

If a member of another gang (This includes allies!) steps onto the cap point then the cap point will become contested and this will block any further progress until they are no longer on the cap point!

Once you capture an Outpost you and any gang members at the Outpost will be automatically teleported to the Defender Spawn Point giving you access to Outposts...
Welcome, Cosmic Prisoners!

Welcome back to this week's Community Update! We've had a lot of big changes to prisons over the past few weeks and many more to come. However these changes have caused some salt , joy and changes in the community. Let's get into this week's CCC to see just what's been going on!


My salt senses are tingling!

After the last 2 updates introducing Hitmen and the changes to charge orbs players have shared their frustration about them and oh man have they been salty! The first week Hitmen were introduced the diamond players screamed and yelled about Drivebys being impossible whereas the iron players were over the moon they could mine safely!

After testing and getting feedback Hitmen were changed the following week to give knockback, iron armour and reduced damage. The tables flipped, the diamond guys loved this whereas the iron guys were a little scared. Were trying to find that sweet spot for Hitmen were they protect but still are risky to mine at.



Troll spotted at the iron mine!

HaynezGamez on Sovereign planet has been getting a head start to Halloween this year. He's been seeing how far he can troll players! In his 6th episode of his trainee challenge series he blocks another player over and over. If i was him i'd be going to spawn to get a sword and sort this young troller a lesson! Watch below to see HaynezGamez get up to some trolling mischief.


Advantages of the Hitmen

Players on the Sovereign planet had been struggling to level up after the gang Nightfall...
Greetings Prisoners!

Today is a great day for us it's our Birthday!

Today marks 1 year since we opened our doors for the first time to you Prisoners in Alpha! We wanted to celebrate and so for the next 24 hours starting at 7 PM CST we will be activating 2x Cosmic Energy server wide!

To top things off things are getting spooky on Prisons! We have given our hubs a makeover for Halloween!

Greetings Prisoners!

I cannot wait to get into this weeks update and there's a lot to get through so let's get right into it!

Here's what you have to look forward to in this weeks update:

  • Hitmen Changes
  • Charge Orb Revamp
  • Multi Enchanting
  • Extra PV & Home slots
  • Kit Preview
  • Bug Fixes & QOL

Hitmen Changes
Hitmen were great but were simply giving a little too much security, with this update Hitmen will no longer be guaranteed to kill you but now deal a mass amount of knockback damage giving your “victim” time to escape or seek refuge within the Hitmans regen area.

Charge Orb Revamp
This week we are implementing a massive change to charge orbs.​

From now on you will notice that your pickaxe has 3 “Charge Orb Slots” and this can be increased up to a maximum of 10 slots through acquiring Charge Orb Slots from Contrabands.​


Charge Orbs that you receive from shards and contrabands now come in percents from 1 to 5 but the twist is they are now a permanent buff to your pickaxe! The more slots your pickaxe has the more charge orbs you can apply!​

Old Charge Orbs will still work and will stack with these but will no longer be obtainable by any means on the server.

Multi Enchanting
Always wanted to enchant a lot of gear at once and didn't want to sit there forever? Well here's the answer! Upon reboot, players will be able to throw up to 9 items in the enchanter at 1 time. 3 times the speed 3 times the fun!​

Extra PV & Home slots
This week we are also introducing Extra PV & Home Slots! Obtainable through contrabands...​